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What families are saying about
working with Tom

In our moment of crisis, Tom provided immediate intervention and assessment of
my brother’s needs and was able to relocate him to an appropriate level of care in a
Skilled Nursing Facility. Tom began serving as my liaison with my brother’s doctors
and other medical professionals. Tom coordinated closely with an elder law attorney
so that my brother could establish his POA, will, living will and health care surrogacy
which all proved to be invaluable for him. The services Tom provided to my family far
surpassed my expectations and his guidance and support helped our family
manage the many challenges that the circumstances presented.


Patricia, sister in Arizona


Tom was phenomenal in his role as our care manager and would handle my mom’s transitions
from the hospital to facility and facility to facility and became intimately involved my mom’s health
care. Tom met with providers, doctors, facility staff and personal caregivers; anyone or anything
associated with providing care. Tom’s knowledge of the industry is remarkable and he will
help families negotiate the many paths that needed care will dictate.


Tony, son in Florida


Tom, it has been such a great pleasure and honor to have gotten to know you and the
heartfelt work that you do. Your affection and concern for my brother has been evident
from our first conversation and I shall always remember with love and gratitude how you
spoke of and to him and how you helped me understand his challenges! I’m glad
you have been in my life and so thankful for your presence in his.


Emily, sister in Colorado


I told you many times in texts and emails how much we appreciated and relied on
your guidance and support during those tough months of Dad’s illness, so just reiterating
our thanks seems inadequate. Nonetheless, expressing our deep appreciation is what we
still want and need to do. Dad was so comforted by your caring, thoughtful attention
to his needs, both medical and personal, knowing you were closely monitoring things
helped us feel much less anxious when we were unable to be by his side. We
simply can’t / don’t know how to thank you enough.


Elaine, daughter in Georgia


For two years Tom was involved in assisting my aunt while she was in the hospital
rehabilitation center and made sure she was safely placed back in her home. He is a
wonderful and caring man, who has clearly found his calling. He is compassionate,
thorough, and a great listener. He also has a sweet sense of humor, which my aunt truly
loved. When I believed things were not going in a good direction or sensed a problem,
I could call on him any time day or night to discuss things with him and his solutions
were spot on. Tom is the man you want to help with your loved ones.


Lou-Ann, niece in Florida


When Tom was volunteering with Hospice, he would faithfully visit my Dad, who was
wheelchair-bound, shut-in and alone in his home. He became a friend to my Dad and even
continued to be an advocate and visited him with the same regularity even when my dad was no
longer with Hospice. Tom would take him on trips to the park and other scenic areas and my dad
cherished their heartfelt conversations and times of just listening to his favorite music together. This
was a precious gift to an old man who had no family living nearby. Our family appreciates Tom Camp
and his wife Helen for their tender heart and many acts of kindness to our Dad. We recommend
him without hesitation as a trustworthy and caring provider in any aspect of Senior Care.


Charmaine, daughter in Texas

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